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We invite you to navigate the relaxation webpage and click along. We hope that the easy and intuitive access to the exercises and booklets, either for yourself or for someone you are assisting, will offer you a pleasant experience.
We want to respect your privacy and autonomy.


Even without cookies on your smart device the relaxation webpage will function well.
In case you’d prefer the webpage to remember the choices (language, exercise, layout) you’ve made, please allow us to store cookies on your device. To do this, check the box: ‘Remember my choices’. Next time you’ll visit our website, the page will appear in the format of your choice.
At any time, you can remove the cookies. To do this, click on the button [Remove cookies].


In order to give you the flexibility to change languages, exercises and layout easily the relaxation webpage and this website, uses JavaScript, a programming language. If you don’t allow your browser to use JavaScript you’ll be directed to a version of our webpages that don’t use JavaScript. You’ll still be able to download all the exercises and listen to them in every language. However, you’ll have less flexibility and no option to choose a second language for the ‘helper’ (ICT-advanced users have the possibility to control even more through the use of parameters).

Information we gather to manage this project

We wish to keep track of the sort of exercises that are listen or downloaded and the chosen languages. This goes for the choice of second languages that are used by ‘helpers’ as well. As a result of gathering this information we seek to know which of the exercises and languages are used most often.
By keeping a record of the frequency of the exercises we hope to learn more about the needs and interests of people in relation to breathing and relaxation exercises. This in turn will help us take possible future project decisions.
Information is gathered based on the requests the webserver receives to download media and to deliver content to your device. Once we have gathered the information needed for managing the service, as stated above, we will automatically remove any information that might identify you, such as IP-addresses.


By registering you let us know that you are interested and willing to share some personal information with us. You show us your trust that we will take care of this information and the information we gather. We never share this personal information with others and obey the European privacy law. We may use this information to inform you about important changes of this webservice, and do this only when you have give us this permission by checking that box when registering or when changing your user account.
On your simple demand, we will remove your account.


Feel free to use the contactform. You find a link towards it on every main page.